Worker Mentality and Underdog Model

Worker Mentality

Alex had this keen observation that most people are workers, and workers are just workers for life.

People are born workers, and such status is simply inherited from their parents.

A few percentage of the population are well-born, and such status is also inherited.

In this case, in our world, the simple dichotomy is obvious. The workers, and the wellborn.

Workers are born to work, and they usually start from bottom. Workers sell their labor to accumulate capitals. ...READ MORE

Frame of Reference

Eistein’s general relativity theory is indeed a groundbreaking theory in physics and astronomy.

Considering, a planet is orbiting a star.

Generally, we look at them like this, from top down.

As you can see, the small planet orbits around the star clockwise. But that is set the frame of reference at the center of the star. Or the center of mass of the star.

If you set the frame of reference at the planet: ...READ MORE

On Time Management

If you cherish time, time cherish you.

I find that, no matter what we do, there is a universal problem that pertains to us all–time.

And when we look at the practicality side of human problems, it’s always about time.

How to utilize time effectively, or how to manage time, has been a historical set of knowledge for all high-end workers, or managers, or rulers.

No matter the scale, the range or the complexity of a project, in the end, we are dealing with time. We are looking at those seconds and how we can spend them. You can make a big plan with something, but when you actually look at the time, you’ll see your capabilities and limitations. ...READ MORE

Management Inertia

I think management, overall, is the subject that tackles how to change people.

As I see it, you can’t believe how reluctant people can be when they are asked to change.

I call it management inertia, or to-be-changed inertia.

People carry their habits and life styles in ways that are hardly changeable.

For managers, your job is to make these people move and change themselves.

The core idea of management is to make changes on people, then if changes can be made, then problems are solved. ...READ MORE