Management Inertia

I think management, overall, is the subject that tackles how to change people.

As I see it, you can’t believe how reluctant people can be when they are asked to change.

I call it management inertia, or to-be-changed inertia.

People carry their habits and life styles in ways that are hardly changeable.

For managers, your job is to make these people move and change themselves.

The core idea of management is to make changes on people, then if changes can be made, then problems are solved.

I’m a flexible person, I believe changes to a person on individual level are very important.

However, most people are very accustomed to their own ways of life, and changes can seldomly be made if it’s not transited properly and smoothly.

The violent and sudden change of things are the ways how our physical world works. If something happens, there are changes. And such change would not ask for your permission to appear. Mother nature is this powerful.

Most of the times, I look down upon general public, because I think they are less flexible as I am and they lack a keen mind of facing challenges and a level head that readies for changes.

When changes happen, it’s almost always violent and sudden. You can have smooth changes only if you’re informed.

But duly noted, you won’t get informed that much.

So the idea, is to let people change on the wills of managers. And we need to make these changes happen in order to face future challenges.

And not just this. People need to be changed and the fact that humans are flexible makes many human affairs easy to plow through. Moreover, organizations that sustain people also need changes. They need changes to overcome obstacles that not only happen to people, but also the structures of the human organizations.

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