Worker Mentality and Underdog Model

Worker Mentality

Alex had this keen observation that most people are workers, and workers are just workers for life.

People are born workers, and such status is simply inherited from their parents.

A few percentage of the population are well-born, and such status is also inherited.

In this case, in our world, the simple dichotomy is obvious. The workers, and the wellborn.

Workers are born to work, and they usually start from bottom. Workers sell their labor to accumulate capitals.

The worker mentality asks a person to be hardworking and ready to serve. Most people are workers.

The upper class is different in how they “survive”. Mingling and socializing are the main missions of upper class, wellborn mentality.

Let’s picture this scenario, when you are born a worker, your family ask you to work hard, your teachers ask you to work hard, even after graduation from a university, society asks you to work hard.

To work hard is correct, but all of them ask you to be diligent and not to step out of your circle easily because you are a worker.

A worker is supposed to have his position attended, a worker is supposed to obey rules, a worker is also asked to work as hard as possible if he wants the good life.

In reality, there is never a rule, nobody ever drew that rule, that as long as you are hardworking, you are entitled to succeed.

It never works like this.

In reality, not only should you be hardworking, but you also have to be smart-working.

Work hard, and be smarter than everybody else.

For whomever born into the upper class in China, I saw this immense revelation that how they work between each other.

At first, I thought there was some specific upper class mentality when I was young. However, I never knew at the time I was already in upper class.

All the things I loathed about were basically how Chinese wellborn mentality works.

It’s Guanxi, and it never changes.

From in Vancouver I saw rich kids make connections with each other by asking where they’re from, to my hometown seeing a bank clerk ask to be my friend, and met my acquaintance that was curious to know the people around me.

I never really understand how to play this Guanxi game. My parents don’t know how to play it, neither do I.

Underdog Model

As far as I concern, I feel like workers are fed these underdog stories all too much often, that make them believe they as well one day can become someone extraordinary.

Are we fed too much underdog stories?

Are people selling hopes to us?

In reality, the real underdogs that actually transcended out of their original social class are few. Only a small percentage of population actually made it to become the actual underdogs.

But sometimes, I also believe that it is necessary to learn that you can become someone you are not. And you should aim at that destination and keep working to it.

Underdog stories are most of the times inspirational in order to encourage you to do something different.

However, nobody wrote the rule that you will definitely succeed if you are an underdog right now.

I think, the more freedom you have at your hands, the more possible for you to make the underdog story a reality.

To me, western world always seems to have many opportunities.

Maybe it’s really their freedom that makes them able to become someone they are not.

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