Paint Me a Sky Full of Stars, Forrest – Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was born a statistically retarded person. The day when his mom took him to a local public school, the principle pointed out the IQ score Forrest got, that a public school does not take students under 80, and Forrest was 75.

Forrest’s mom didn’t think Forrest should just succumb to the system and enter a special school, she did her best to get Forrest into the public school by bribing the principle–giving him a special service.

For this film, I want to save much of time depicting the scenes, and I want to surround the personality traits of Forrest Gump.

Forrest has something extremely shining than everybody else–commitment.

No one carries out commitments like Forrest Gump does. 

The extent Forrest can carry out a commitment goes beyond years and somebody’s death wish.

I don’t think Forrest is in any way retarded.

Just like his mom said, “What is normal anyway?”

In real life, people set up narrow gap for whomever want to be normal. If you are normal, you should fit into all of these exact standards, and if you are not one of them, you are not normal.

I feel the unfairness of Forrest and I know, how cruel this world is to people with disadvantages.

Or I should say, everybody wants to become “the normal”, they try so hard to be: Having a good job, a good education, a good family, a good house. Don’t be stupid, don’t be dumb, don’t be out of ordinary because people don’t like you if you are not like them.

In the movie, what out of ordinary is just Forrest seems to have much more common sense than everybody else. He commits more than others, he reacts more directly than others.

The obvious sign is that he was not aware of the social courtesy, or that he was completely unaware of the social norms.

And sometimes, I applaud those behaviors.

In order to “fit in” this particular group we call society, we took huge amount of hints in childhood to learn to adapt ourselves into the social norms.

So that we are like everybody else, “normal”.

But what is normal anyway?

Does that take away a person’s ability to love? Ability to feel pain? And ability to cherish beauties in life? 

The core part of my philosophy is Aesthetic Rationality, to try to see beauties in rationality and utilize rationality to see beauties. Beauties of life. And you are not even able to see aesthetics of life, you are pretty ruined by far.

And still, what I find most shining about Forrest Gump the character is, his ability to commit.

He was asked to run. He ran. He was asked to run faster. He ran faster. He wanted to save his brothers in arms lives, he did so by pulling everybody out of the dangerous battlefield. He was asked to play Ping Pong. He did so. He made a promise of his brother Bubba for a shrimping company. He made one. He ran across America several times, and he ran all the way done to he was tired.

Can anybody commit as far as Forrest did?

From all of the legendary achievements Forrest Gump got, it is enough to see that he was not a retarded person, but a shining light that gave people hope.

Paint me a sky full of stars, Forrest.

And I think Forrest would take that task and really paint me one. Even though it’d take years and years to finish. But he will finish, he will.

Try to commit yourself to something in your life. No matter how small it is, or how big it is.

Choose good, pick wisely, and then, go commit.


Another part of Forrest Gump the movie was Forrest’s undying love, or unconditional love towards his childhood sweetheart Jenny.

Jenny in may ways failed Forrest so much.

Jenny was extremely self-destructive since she was young.

I remember this scene where Jenny asked Forrest to pray with her, “God, make me a bird, and fly far far away.”

And she did. But she never flew to a certain direction, what she did most of her life, was following the stream without any course.

She never, commits.

Jenny’s behaviors were extremely self-destructive and also selfish towards Forrest.

The fact that she’s got a very rough upbringing, that she was molested at a young age by her father, does not excuse her self-destructive behaviors towards herself.

She was not abandoning Forrest many times, she was literally running away from Forrest. Just like what she always told Forrest, “Run, Forrest, run! Run as fast as you can.” She was avoiding Forrest as far as she could.

Why? Forrest was an imbecile. Forrest was retarded.

And our Jenny who wanted to become a singer on the stage could not be with somebody who deeply loved her and committed to her simply because, he was retarded.

Is retarded an excuse? For Jenny, she did not know what she wanted.

She accepted the social norms much easily than Forrest, however, this did not give her any sort of wisdom in keeping a promise or committing herself to something.

Did she fulfill her dream when she was in college that she wanted to become a singer? She didn’t. She stopped it after Forrest’s interruption on stage.

Later, she became a hipster, hoping that could bring her the “far away like a bird” idea and thrills. And did she finish? No, she became some human rights activist that fought for peace and whatever.

The Black Panther scene in the movie was very memorable as how the black activists in there seemed to know it all, but the simplicity and cruelty of battlefield were nothing like they believed. They were just a bunch of yelling kids that believe what was right for their community, whilst the black soldiers on the battlefield were dying and fighting their best for the country.

Life is simple without much bullshit. And life is also sudden and violent without much preparation. Not just a few slogans could change the course of life and how the world works generally.

Later, Jenny did not even finish her journey as a hipster or a pacifist. She seemed to got into Hollywood and slept with as many men as possible, and she got herself HIV at the time.

And she did not know.

For a long time, Jenny came back for Forrest. Forrest never knew why she came back.

Forrest answered her question on he knew what love is.

The problem was never on Forrest, the problem was on Jenny, all along.

By the time Jenny came back for Forrest, or asked Forrest to marry her. She had a son from Forrest. And Forrest did not even know his existence. And she was a waitress out there for the very early life of Little Forrest.

Jenny in many ways is extremely unlikeable and a very selfish person.

She came back for Forrest because she had AIDS. And Forrest was wealthy after all.

I said to Forrest multiple times during the movie, “Jenny is not worth it man. Seriously Forrest. Just drop it. Move on and find a better one. She does not deserve your time. No woman can be as self-destructive as her. Forrest, you gotta move on for someone else.”


The movie Forrest Gump is in many ways well crafted.

The plot is simply great as it is kind of a symbol of the States after WW2.

Many assassination attempts of presidents. Peace cries for the Vietnam War. Technology’s advances.

You don’t see this movie just as some very personal biography, but also a period of history unfolded on a very honorable person, with great heart.

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