Wage Gap

“What do you think is the concern of Feminism right now?”

“Equal pay.”

I had this conversation with a girl from London when I was in Vancouver. She self-proclaimed that she was a feminist, and the pressing issue of feminism, is the gender wage gap.

The wage gap is around 4-8%. From a sociological and economic standpoint, the wage gap exists because people tend to take on different jobs.

Women tend to occupy positions that are historically and economically low-paid. And men tend to occupy positions that are high-paid.

Feminists seem like to argue that women don’t have choices when it comes to career. These women who are paid less were forced into the careers in the beginning due to gender biases, or gender discrimination.

I find that horrifying and absurd.

People are where they are because they are where they are.

There are far too many reasons contributed to why a person is at this position right now.

The problem is that the majority of women, those women who do not graduate from universities and colleges, or those tend to go into the labor force, are doing what they are good at. Like nursery, childcare, teachers etc. These are the jobs that women can excel better than men at, as women tend to be biologically more caring and charismatic than men.

There are women in top executive level, it’s just they are few. Why?

Can you work as hard as a man does? 80 hour workweeks.

Consider that women are also less aggressive than men, and less ambitious. It’s impossible to think about the fierce competition that embark millions of men killing each other and add women into it to slow it down.

There are few women in the top positions because it takes serious grit and wit to win on the battlefield.

Also, women would have babies in their late 20s and early 30s. The biological maternal leave is necessary in order for a family to function. If you cross woman out of that triangle structure, it’s not going to work.

Sure, a man can take on a woman’s traditional position as a mother and become a full-time househusband. However, generally, and from a biological and parental standpoint, it’s better to leave the baby for the mother to take care of. Especially when your child is still too young.

Taking a maternal leave sets you back a little on corporate ladder and this is inevitable.

If we switch the role between men and women, men could also suffer from this “statistical wage gap”. Albeit superficial.

If you ask to have equal pay simply because you believe having this absurd outcome is due to long rooted gender discrimination, then you are removing the true equality where your reward should be based on your work.

If you ask to have higher pay because you are a woman, it’s like asking to be paid out of zero work done. This is extremely unfair to the men who do their work and receive corresponding rewards. You can’t ask for something you never did. Being a woman is like a silly excuse to obtain reward with nothing.

I think that why today media are bombarding the issue is due to they can not see what’s actually underneath the obvious statistics.

The wage gap being 4-8% is because of various factors. And gender bias is probably the bottom of them.

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