College and Ben Shapiro

The Ben Shapiro Show talked about a topic only until recently, March 13, 2019, The College Scam.

I’ve been tinkering about the idea of going into a college.

Frankly, I hate schools generally. Every since the excruciating experience (high pressure, long hours) of Chinese public school system, I am completely paralyzed by the idea that I need to go back to school again to receive my degree.

Ben talked about two simple things in this episode. And two essential parts of the existence of college, especially prestigious universities. And that can’t be truer in China as well.

You go into a college for two things: credentialism and social connections. 

In China, if you score well, you go into famous universities like Peking and Tsinghua Universities to make friends with other students whose father might be a highly ranked official, some military general, some very rich businessman. As ugly as it looks like, this is actually what universities are for in China.

Credentialism is yet another thing for these colleges. The minute you go into a college, you have received your “credentials”, i.e. a degree.

Ben taunted the fact that social connections are gained through the presence of you being inside a college. You could literally do nothing really related to your major of studies and just make connections with other people inside the same college and you’re just set for your future.

“College, is not for earning skill sets.”

And quite frankly I agree.

Earlier, Jordan Peterson once argued the idea of colleges being this wonderland, this bubble of dreams–students go inside a college not really to study, but to have fun. They should be studying hard and earn new skills, but they are not. You are inside a college because you are there for the fancy name, for the credentialism.

Another thing I want to talk about, is knowledge basis. 

It might sound a bit contradictory to previous ideas, but colleges do teach you knowledge basis of certain fields.

And quite frankly, STEM students are better off inside colleges since STEM related subjects require labs and hard work to actually produce something. And usually these knowledge can not be easily obtained through your work experience as an intern or a long standing worker.

These fields require a large amount of previous knowledge basis in order for you to get started. And such knowledge basis contain very complex theories and experiment models for you to grasp in order to apply them on the field.

However, there are also subjects that don’t necessarily require a college experience.

For example, business.

Everyone who go into a renowned business school is for the connections they are going to obtained while they are there. The knowledge basis of how a business runs can be obtained much from reading business books and actually get yourself inside a business. And quite frankly, there are many other ways to learn and you don’t really have to go into a college for a long time of waste just for obtaining a piece of paper.

I think my whole life has been an experience, or even a pilgrimage, to seek out truths of all lives, all fields, everything. Without shackles, without any constraints, it’s a life dedicated specifically on finding the truth behind many things.

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