A sense of entitlement clouds your judgement.

What’s more toxic than arrogance?

China has some serious moral problems that no one talks about.

I find that being with friends is the point of having fun, not competing. Competing with your friends when you are together takes out the fun of the natural activity and adds disgruntlement to yourself.

My parents are in no way good people.

My father is a selfish arrogant prick plus a bully to his family. My mother is timid. ...READ MORE

Understanding Trust, In China and the West

This is a post from Harvard Business Review in 2015. It tackles into the extremely relevant side of Chinese society and ecosystem. This discussion based on trust is the fundamental difference between western societies and the Chinese one.

The depth it dug into is beyond the scope of normal Chinese interpersonal networks. Chinese themselves don’t understand these things and they do it unconsciously. And it is how they are raised mostly in this country. ...READ MORE

Is China Really Meritocracy?

Meritocracy originates from China, and was regarded as the top standard of political system of Ancient China.

However, today’s West look at CCP China as a political meritocracy system, opposed to their democracy system.

But my question is, is China really a political meritocracy?

If we can not figure out the reality of our political system, how do we even confirm that we are actually a meritocracy? A system that values talents and abilities instead of wellborn backgrounds and connections? ...READ MORE

On Behalf of the Inevitable Proceeding of Lying Myself into a College, and I Didn’t

Guess it really leaves me no choice to do so.

I have been against doing this the whole time but the robotic and stupid system forced me to do so.

I have been contacting Langara College for weeks for my high school graduation and transcript, which I don’t really have, to spare me the process of these documents.

I presented them my work, my resume, called them several times, emailed all the contacts I have from that school, did all I can… ...READ MORE

The Chinese Dream

The notion of American Dream is that as long as you work hard, and work diligently, you will get something eventually. The typical American Dream rewards those people who are hardworking, and with integrity.

But what is Chinese Dream?

Chairman Xi proposed this idea in 2012 when he first came into power, but the idea of a Chinese Dream is vague and vastly representative of the communist values.

Whilst the economic status of Chinese is getting better and better every day, this brings outside influences penetrating the country. The new Chinese are experiencing many “new” ideas right now, however, the physical inadequacy of culture makes this country still very vulnerable like ever before.