The Chinese Dream

The notion of American Dream is that as long as you work hard, and work diligently, you will get something eventually. The typical American Dream rewards those people who are hardworking, and with integrity.

But what is Chinese Dream?

Chairman Xi proposed this idea in 2012 when he first came into power, but the idea of a Chinese Dream is vague and vastly representative of the communist values.

Whilst the economic status of Chinese is getting better and better every day, this brings outside influences penetrating the country. The new Chinese are experiencing many “new” ideas right now, however, the physical inadequacy of culture makes this country still very vulnerable like ever before.

A Chinese Dream should be a dream that is rewarding, and is based on good moral grounds.

The agenda communists print out for their core values, is nothing but plain lies. Many of the words hold no actual ground inside the country, it’s been like this forever.

China should not build a copy of western prosperity, but the prosperity that fits into the Chinese values.

But what are Chinese values these days?

Over the years, due to the CCP government censoring information, the natural state of the Chinese values has faded, now we have a value system that’s a combination of so much communist agenda, and western ideas, and a tiny portion of inherited actual Han philosophy.

A Chinese Dream should be a dream that can pertain to most people in this country, the worker class and the farmer class.

But a country of workers and farmers is not a strong country. A strong country is a country flourished with prosperity, which is embedded deeply in the multi-diversities of a country–culture, business, economy, technology, military, academy, education and so on. If any one of these is artificially hindered, there won’t be true prosperity to talk about, but fake prosperity that conceals the bigger looming problems.

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