Is China Really Meritocracy?

Meritocracy originates from China, and was regarded as the top standard of political system of Ancient China.

However, today’s West look at CCP China as a political meritocracy system, opposed to their democracy system.

But my question is, is China really a political meritocracy?

If we can not figure out the reality of our political system, how do we even confirm that we are actually a meritocracy? A system that values talents and abilities instead of wellborn backgrounds and connections?

All great empires across history gave thanks to meritocracy, and all great empires share the common traits of being outgoing, aggressive, meritocratic and tolerant.

Now ask the question again, is our system really meritocratic?

How are the people representatives elected? We have never seen it, we never know who will be elected, are they chosen because of their excellent political capabilities? Or their great knowledge of governing? Or because of their wealth, backgrounds, and Guanxi?

CCP China is a peculiar case of a country. The constitutions were written in very sound characters and concepts, however, none of these things are actually enforced in reality.

In reality, it’s always another side of view of what we should have expected.

It bothers me.

CCP has written many good laws and regulations, that just sound intrinsically good, but none of them are executed correctly and eventually bring out good results.

As if we are living in a dystopia, and sure we are.

Not only this, CCP itself also is flawed, there are good laws, there are also bad laws that only serve into the communistic agenda.

If government policies are not meant for the common people’s values, what good is there for a government? What we see, is a political party that enforces heavily their political agenda towards people’s lives and values. Because they are communist, they spread their ideas everywhere and are forcing people to adopt these ideas.

It’s baffling to ask why a country would want everybody to become a member of their party. Although it’s not explicitly said, but the communist agenda seeps through the society and lives everywhere in and out of the country.

Again, the simple question to ask is that is our system really meritocratic?

Are government officials selected based on their capabilities? Or things outside of themselves?

Do they really know people and understand people? Do they really understand what is in need of a community? Do they really care about their own community? Do they have solutions for their community?

Any political aggression made for personal gains is blasphemy towards the very idea of meritocracy.

Are our leaders making a good plan for the country? Are our leaders sound and keen towards the future of the country?

We can determine a good politician based on the factors of past, present and future.

For the past, a good politician learns from the failures and gains from the successes. A good politician concludes from the past to understand the present.

For the present, a good politician knows people and understands people. A good politician really understands what is in need of a community. A good politician really cares about his own community. And a good politician seeks solutions for his community.

For the future, a good politician needs to anticipate the problems and the risks of a community. Meanwhile, he also needs to see the opportunities and possibilities of a community. A good politician can inspire hope around people and gather them together to fight for the future. A good politician has a sounding plan for the future of his community. A good politician after understanding the past and present of a community, he knows what’s at stake of the community and he can well execute operations for a community.

The problem of China, is that, a lot of intrinsically good values and ideas are tossed aside as “bad”, and they seek alternative solutions that are not as good as those ideas. Because what these people believe, is that anything that sounds good is too good to be true. They never believe in people’s decency, people’s honesty, people’s integrity and people’s diligence. It’s a people that greatly disappoints me, and a government that greatly disgusts me. A country that turns black into white, tilts the ideas of right and wrong, and they worship it!

With great grief I see a great country turning into a monster I never recognized.

The Five Constants of Confucianism teaches every Chinese to be 仁智礼义信, integrity, wisdom, courtesy, honor and honesty.

None of these things manifest in modern Chinese.

The CCP tries to cultivate an army of soldiers that obey diligently to the communistic rules. And they have them now. After years of attempts.

Our graduates of universities and colleges don’t know what it means to be a Chinese, don’t understand the essence of Han culture, and can not distinguish the boundary between communism and capitalism.

These people are soldiers, not citizens.

All thanks to information censorship of CCP, and how they tightly control this country.

This is not the answer.


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