A sense of entitlement clouds your judgement.

What’s more toxic than arrogance?

China has some serious moral problems that no one talks about.

I find that being with friends is the point of having fun, not competing. Competing with your friends when you are together takes out the fun of the natural activity and adds disgruntlement to yourself.

My parents are in no way good people.

My father is a selfish arrogant prick plus a bully to his family. My mother is timid.

These two extremely bad traits constitute the first half of my life–being an egocentric prick but easily frightened. The worst possible combination of personalities. This kind of person is easily to be picked on since he is already harmful towards the group, and essentially lacking the real deal to make the cut. “Paper Tiger” is what it is.

I inspect myself harshly so I can knock myself clear.

A person without integrity is hardly likable anywhere in the world. Although China is a peculiar case, that integrity is to be despised in the country.

However, that doesn’t make the excuse that one person should not have integrity.

When you were a kid, you feared your parents. But when you grow up, such fear can turn around against them. They fear you now.

Intimidating kids in a young age is definitely nothing good. When the kid gains self-consciousness, the terror tactic once used by parents is useless since the kid can do it as well.

And a family under a terror reign is definitely not healthy.

And that’s when family education goes wrong. Kids usually are subject to a family’s conditions, meaning, they would fully adopt the way of how their family function. To a point where they ignore the disabling/dysfunctional traits of family members, and that create a very skewed version of reality and a world view for them.

That’s why we have the phenomenon that kids usually grow up in violent family have no empathy towards victims of violence, and that they themselves appear to be timid of aggressions and violence. And a dysfunctional personality appears–the only way to get a response from this person is to be violent towards them, anything else will be tuned out just as how those things were tuned out when they were young.

Why there is Stockholm Syndrome? I think a possible reason would be this. The victim of the killer tuned out everything that is considered commonly bad, and insane, and was elicited a weird affection in response to the violence used against her.

A bully only responds to another bully.

Kids usually don’t have the ability to understand good and evil, good and bad. What their family teach them, or what they ask them to ignore, would be a disastrous adverse effect in their adult years.

Considering the case of my father, he only responds and submits to strong and harsh words because he himself is a big bully in this house.

And the longer time you are with someone, you are more like that person.

There are, simply, too many problems in my parents that no one on earth would want to deal with them.

Really bad people, really bad fruits.

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