Ideas Never Die

Ideas never die. An idea doesn’t take any form, but it can set a wildfire across people’s minds.

The world seems to underestimate too much on the power of ideas.

It’s like knowledge, the infinite amount of possibilities lied behind.

The only thing, is to make way for ideas to shine, to burn, to spread away like wildfire.

Under a heavily information controlled environment, none of these things is likely to happen. ...READ MORE

Dumb Things Please Stop

I feel pretty tired lately.

Facing a lot of dumb problems, and the dumb people who make these dumb problems.

There is a huge gap between me and reality.

I’m at a very high up space, and the reality in China is insanely bad. Reality is really trying to drag me down as much as it can.

After just a few months in China, I’ve grown an immense amount of hatred towards my own country.

It’s pretty odd.  ...READ MORE

Death Penalty Debate

There are, roughly 100 countries currently abolished death penalty, and 55 other countries who do not.

Why there are so many countries believe that replacing capital punishment with imprisonment of life is better?

The argument against death penalty usually revolves around miscarriage of justice and somehow whether capital punishment can truly deter murders.

However, countries that still implement death penalty all seem to share common social and cultural backgrounds. ...READ MORE