Dumb Things Please Stop

I feel pretty tired lately.

Facing a lot of dumb problems, and the dumb people who make these dumb problems.

There is a huge gap between me and reality.

I’m at a very high up space, and the reality in China is insanely bad. Reality is really trying to drag me down as much as it can.

After just a few months in China, I’ve grown an immense amount of hatred towards my own country.

It’s pretty odd. 

My experience in Canada did not prove Canada to be the best society to live in. Canada’s got a relatively small economy, slow pace of life and sometimes bureaucratic.

However, when you juxtapose China and Canada together, it looks like it’s not that Canada is better, it’s just we are so much worse. I suppose the same goes with the States.

I believe Canada as a society is at a score of 0, but China is at -20. It was -40 and -60 when the country founded.

Canada isn’t necessarily good, however, the society is progressing, and things are dynamic. Just like in the US, there are a lot of opportunities to be discovered.

Consider the recent events, China is not only not progressing, but regressing.

The society has been stagnant for decades and not changed. 

As a sociology major, class mobility (upward mobility, downward mobility) is extremely crucial to a society, it guarantees the dynamics of a society to keep it afloat.

If there is little to zero class mobility in a society, such society is completely lifeless and going towards a tragic end. When everything is stagnant, that means there won’t be novelty, innovation, improvements and subsequently better life standards.

Society being stagnant, crushes the slightest sense of dream. Because such society forbids you to become someone you are not.

400 or 500 years ago, when feudal society was still the mainstream in the world: A farmer’s son is likely to become a farmer, a carpenter’s son is likely to become a carpenter and a noble’s daughter is likely to become a well-off noble.

Nothing really happens in such a lackluster society. Favoritism, unfair competition dominated this era. It made anything genuinely good impossible to get the attention of many, thus unlikely for anyone to succeed, unless you were the son or daughter of a noble, or a royal.

Society being stagnant is scary, for most people, since it takes away their possibility of scoring something big. Because nothing changes, and you can’t possibly make any change.


Before time, few societal changes taking place was vastly due to limited resources and inferior technology.

Nobles and royals usually controlled most resources (wealth, manpower and technology etc.) in a society, and they did not know how to use them wisely. Plus, nobles tend to be conservative to keep everything unchanged, and royals usually dispose resources at their personal wills instead of for the wellbeing of the vast majority.

And technology at the time was too limited and inferior to move things efficiently and make anything substantial. It took Columbus 2 months to cross the Atlantic. And before the invention of telegram, a letter from London to New York had to be carried by a messenger, who needed to traverse across the physical distance between the two cities.

Society like this was mostly stagnant, and nothing new popped up to push forward civilization.

Only after industrialization and technology revolutions, the world started to adopt a completely new, fast and efficient way of life. Which also brought transformation of governments, military reforms, and the rise of private enterprises.

These things not only make the world more dynamic, but they also push the world towards a more productive and diverse direction. All of these changes move any society under such conditions as fast as possible, sowing more opportunities, and making everyone’s life better.

However, if you consider the situation of a dystopia, where technology was advanced and resources were rich, but the state of government, those who controlled the resources did not want to benefit the vast majority. Instead, elites and rulers of such society tended to keep all the things to themselves, and enslaved all the people underneath.

But how is that even possible?

No it’s not, until you figure out how to use your advanced technologies and tailor them to your populace. Also, keep your subjects dumb enough so they don’t know how to rebel, and intimidate them long enough so they are scared to defy the authority, and keep them weak enough (both mentally and physically) so they can’t fight back even they want to.

I am not sure where China is now, but pretty sure it’s definitely not going forward.

It might not be a 1984 Big Brother regime, but it has the tendency to become one. That makes people nervous.

The recent event of Hong Kong 6.9 protest strengthens my belief that China is progressing towards a direction I am extremely dissatisfied with.

From much evidence, China is looking forward for a war. The possible war between China and Taiwan and that China proclaimed to forcibly take back Taiwan in the near future.

The gold trade between Africa and China wasn’t any Plan B for an economy collapse, but the reserve for an anticipating war.

I wouldn’t say CCP doesn’t care about their populace, however, what they want from them are very questionable.


Another perspective of Chinese society is that, over the years of becoming the world factory, it has become extremely robotic.

The mentalities born in this country have sucked so much soul away from the people, making them either robots or walking dead who can not think, but move.

The education system is the finest example of how the country wants soldiers, not scholars. The students study under a so-called system of “militarized management”, they can’t think, only obey.


As regulations have strengthened in recent years, which should have been a good sign that society is taking right choices towards a better society, but reality just disproves what they actually are.

Problems don’t just disappear overnight, as tensions grow, there isn’t much hope that the central government would try its slightest to give power back to its people.


It’s hard to succeed in China, especially in a time like this when everything is so rigid (it’s so much beyond rigid) and stagnant.

I am fighting the Chinese the same time fighting the system as well.

All of these problems are very stupid problems, which should not take much time or even my consideration.

And the people who make these problems are even more stupid, they are the problem.

If you try to solve problems in China, it’s not about solving problems, but about solving the people who make the problems. Because they are dumb, so they make dumb problems.

And education did not do good to them at all.


It makes you believe that, unless you are a son of a billionaire in China, or a son of a high ranking official, it’s impossible to succeed.

Whereas the rest of the world, there are young people as young as 14 or 16 years old succeeding by making their own businesses, and opening up their own brands, the Chinese kids can’t do shit because how unfree this country actually is.

Any sort of entrepreneurial spirit will be crushed in this country as how people do things and how the generally the society is.

As what I know, Chinese people like Guanxi, money and faces. And all of these have very Chinese attributes in it, and none of them have any sort of positive impact.

And it would be another three separate articles to talk about these things in China.

And sometimes, things can go against your personal principles, which is even more fucked up.

There isn’t an end of talking about this, I want to get over with these stupid little things soon. I can’t let them take more energy off of me…


Reality is so much longer and dumber than my mental path of success. I just want to get away and get rid of all of the dumb things in front of me.

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