Ideas Never Die

Ideas never die. An idea doesn’t take any form, but it can set a wildfire across people’s minds.

The world seems to underestimate too much on the power of ideas.

It’s like knowledge, the infinite amount of possibilities lied behind.

The only thing, is to make way for ideas to shine, to burn, to spread away like wildfire.

Under a heavily information controlled environment, none of these things is likely to happen.

As if Orwell’s Thought Police were in real life, the only source of change is oppressed, nothing can ever happen, never ever will there be a start of something new.

And conservatism halts the process.

Chinese were once crazed on destroying the past, which was believed to be the ultimate conservatism of China. But denouncing your past does not equate to being progressive.

What this country needs, is “freer air”, a much friendlier environment for different voices and opinions. Being truly free on matters that relate to the country.

Like the ideas set on fire, this country needs a place with enough air and space to set these great ideas on fire.

It’s like they can leap through the stages they have to go through if they can totally accept new ideas and try to make changes on that.

With such a solid foundation of culture and history, plus hardworking work ethics, Chinese should stand atop of the world, not like this.

It only takes a shift of attitude, a change of mind, to reignite the great culture.

It seems that what happened in 1989 proves that we had a moment of freshness, a moment of realness, a moment of emotions, a moment of freedom, a moment, of social progression.

But they were all gone. Decades later, what the young generation of this country appear, mostly ignorant of the country’s matters, and what could’ve been the possibilities.

People were once lovely because they had the will, the ideas, that pushed them towards a shared goal.

The young generations now are made in China, workers and soldiers for the state. They were trained to not ask questions, but obey.

All the evidence prove that my choice during my high school was correct. Departure from my high school stopped all of the horrible brain reconstruction later happened to, literally, everybody.

If you ever dream of a place where true safeness preserves, somewhere you can call it home, which contains every human elements in it.

That’s not this country anymore.

Nowhere to be found.

Leaving seems to be the right path.

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