A Government Is the Embodiment of Its Own People

So, to a point where I am tired of participating in politics.

Politics is tiring, it asks you to choose sides, and choose diligently, as you need to behave what the particular side asks you to.

China. Yes, again.

China is a traditional country, it still pretty much is.

I am saying traditional, because the social structure hasn’t been changed much in the past century.

Hear this, what kind of population, produces what kind of government. 

A government responds to its populace in all aspects. Maybe a government is not elected by the people, but it surely is modified by the people.

For example, in a democracy, a society has a number of social/political groups with power. What you do, as the government body, is to listen to these people’s needs and discontent, and make amends subsequently.

In a dictatorship, or a totalitarian regime, even you have absolute power over your populace, or your subjects ;), you still have to push out certain policies, regulations and laws that can be responded by your populace. And quite frankly, the dictatorship of a country, is basically the embodiment of the populace’s wills, their resentment, their rage, their vengeance, their hatred and their aspiration of a dictatorship.

Because people are different, and there are different cultures, and populace are easy to trick.

Chinese people have been this slave-like status for a century long. Some date this back to Qing Dynasty.

People are extremely apathetic, indifferent and ignorant of what happens around them.

Emperor changed? Fine, just go find another place to settle. A usurper came onto stage? Fine, I’ll obey him as well so long he doesn’t kill me. Political system changed? Fine, not my problem. Communism? Fine, so long I have food to eat.

People are like animals, just instincts, with no humanity left.


The recent Hong Kong protest is in another way heart-wrenching to see.

I got the news instantly on June 12th, on Twitter. It was a massive demonstration of nearly 3 million Hong Kongers, who desperately tried to protect the autonomy of their laws.

However, as the situation escalates, the protest right now has risen up to a deadlock, where Hong Kongers start to aggressively attack the legislature, and the SAR government has also unleashed thousands of policemen try to suppress the protest unconditionally.

Although there are very aggressive Hong Kong protesters, but the majority of them try to use a peaceful way to make the government hear their voice. However, the newly appointed government by Beijing does not seem to care much of what the people want in this dreaded scenario of millions outcries.

The central government wants the extradition bill to be passed without questioning and any resistance.

So the Hong Kongers have to go out to the streets everyday in the past few months to protest on the, now shelved, extradition bill, and wish that the government can come out and openly address this concern.

In mainland China, the incident has been painted as an aggressive armed riot towards central government and the newly appointed government of Hong Kong SAR. Most of mainland Chinese condemn such an operation without actively knowing the full progress of the protest.

The metaphorical blue of Hong Kong has been eroded into the Red from the north, and Hong Kong is changing every day from now and then. It’s turning into a city similar to its mainland counterparts–Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

But Hong Kong is different, it has been fundamentally different from these cities in mainland China. Its highly autonomous government and legislative bodies, and generally the culture, are far from integratable towards the mainland.

I think Hong Kongers are doing seriously something brave at the moment, trying their best to fight the authority.

In 2014, I was so ignorant I did not understand the Umbrella Movement. I asked my friend in Hong Kong, why do people go out on the streets to protest, what’s in it for them. But his explanation to me at the time sounded like just anti-government nonsense.

Now, as time goes by, I seem to understand more and more what it is the best for the people. It’s not about covering your ears and blindfolding your eyes, it’s about letting people to know, giving them the freedom to have a voice, and letting them to choose for themselves and develop themselves.

The extradition bill isn’t something of little importance, protesting against the extradition bill means to go against the systematic change of Hong Kong from CCP. Go against them from turning Hong Kong into one of the red cities. Go against them from killing Hong Kong’s own identity in Asia. To keep Hong Kong’s way of life, and to keep Hong Kong from the terror of the north.

In China, only one voice is allowed–the voice sanctioned by the party. You are not allowed to have any other voice.

Sure, maybe in North America, you are bombarded by propaganda or whatnot, you have tons of ideologies to choose from. But heed this, we don’t.

Even if people paint that the NA is a failing world, the west is losing its shine. From the lowest point to judge the west, I think more ideologies, more options, is definitely better than just ONE single ideology/option. And you are also only allowed to have this one.

People within the wall are soaked into this ideology and not allowed to differ. What kind of environment is this? There is no true prosperity from this sort of environment.

If you can’t even allow multiple elements, how are you supposed to produce anything complex and marvelous?

Don’t Wake Them Up

This picture is extremely reminiscing of what is actually happening in China. People are just so fucked and dead inside, they walk around aimlessly like a bunch of walking dead, and they eat each other occasionally. So they need “a leader” to point directions to them because they can not think for themselves, they don’t have any own will and own thoughts, and the perennial lack of personal freedom.

I am really sad to know that this is the truth for China, and it has been like this for centuries.

Maybe people of totalitarianism fondness will denounce my ideas, as they believe “an open and wise emperor” can dictate and well manage a country’s future, but in the end, the people within such system is the ultimate victim who loses every single time when power happens to shift.

Such a system is the ultimate evil. You can not predict the dramatic and drastic turns of such a system, and you don’t have any definite rules to follow. Today the rules are like this, and tomorrow the rules just change without any afore-noticing, and you have to obey, and you lose. This system is based on officials’ whims, and Chinese officials love to make a “big” project to wow the populace.

And seriously, fuck your opinions, they don’t matter in this country. Any words besides the leaders’ words are nothing out of bullcrap, and you are of lowest social importance unworthy of respect. Because fuck you, you don’t matter.

In what way you might matter you may ask? Just beat these people’s ass, win the war, the second you topple them, you instantaneously win the support of billions of sheep. These people believe in brute force, they don’t care about whether there’ll be justice or equality, fuck ’em.

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