In Terms of Learning Music

Music is not that hard to learn.

By being in Vancouver, I met some really good teachers. Adam and Dave are the teachers that really, just, I believe in many ways, good.

And in terms of music theory, it isn’t a hard subject to learn. Compare to math, physics, subjects that can transcend into very complicated areas, music is actually easy to learn.

I met many talented producers amongst me, and I believe they have this thing with music. The “it” factor.

And it’s something that takes a long time to manifest. The “it” in their heads is just there. They know what note combination sounds good and they simply understand how “the flow” works for their pieces of music.

I don’t think that takes a short time to achieve, I think it seriously takes a long time of indulgence in music to achieve that sort of level. You just know how to play next, and you know what can sound good next.

Plus, water is also very important. A person learns music in China definitely won’t achieve the results a person learns music in North America. They have the established environment there for music, and culture.

The kind of freedom of expression and freedom of creation allow them to create one of the most innovative and unique pieces of music in the world. That’s something we don’t have.

And the well established music history and the long standing culture of legends help cultivate the soils for creations of the next generations.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

This comes before there is anything to be stolen from. And North America has that basis. Great pieces of music that to-be artists and future artists can steal from.

It’s not hard, with enough time sinking in it, music isn’t hard.

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