Stability and Risk

Customize as much as you can to put yourself at the 2%, all of your actions should be built towards customizations and putting yourself at the 2% basket.

But have a plate under you that puts you in the 60-70% basket, in case you fail.

I am not sure how this is actually going to lay out in the reality, I don’t know the exact steps I need to undertake to make some system as flexible like this.

You either be risky, or stable. Choose one. There is no middle ground. Middle ground usually leads to being unstable and nothing like both.

You are either stable, or risky. There is no way to go like a middle ground tactic.

Ever heard of gamble? In gambling, you risk high stakes so you can have high rewards. You gamble to become “lucky”.

But maybe there is a way for this. Not necessarily 60% basket, but don’t go all-in in the gamble.

I don’t know, till today, I still feel it’s hard to do system if you put the two extremes in practice.

It’s always good to have a plan B, or even a plan C, to back up or escape if things fail. But I’m not sure how is it physically feasible to do both?

Like trying hard to risk for high rewards, but simultaneously building something stable for you to fall upon if things go south? I don’t think anybody has the energy or time for that.

You either concentrate on trying hard and risking hard, or building stable foundations with low returns. One can’t possibly divide himself into two and have both work done.

Ideally it sounds good but in reality it’s really hard to pull off, not to mention we probably won’t do it at all as when we start doing something, there is inertia related to it. If you go in for the risks, you go in for the risks, the other side would just be gone…

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