Monitor my opinion shift

I want to monitor my opinion shift to see if there is any opinions changed drastically because I need to take different actions, or choosing different side.

Because there is only one truth, as we all know that the higher stage rationality goes, the narrower the path becomes and more unified it is.

I am going to give myself a set of words to see if my opinions have shifted drastically over time, and in many cases, it could be false perceptions.

Albeit experiences do shift your views, and it is reasonable.

  • Democracy: I like democracy. Democracy in theory is really an ideal form of political model. Everyone participates in everybody’s matters, doesn’t that sound great? And everyone gets to voice their opinions, freedom of speech is allowed and freedom of fear is guaranteed. But my experience in Canada sees that democracy sometimes is broken. Majorly, democracy in practice has several flaws: slow, inefficient and people like to blame others when there is a problem emerged, rather than focus on solving the problem. Democracy in practice doesn’t look too good to me, which proves the point Democracy 0 and Communism -20, I wonder what it really feels like in participating it?
  • Socialism: No socialism. It’s evil.
  • Capitalism: Mass production machine that never ends, enables productivity and mass productions. Enables capitals and market investments. Capitalization of certain product enables the product’s commercialization, which increases the sales and income. Overall, capitalization helps the economy to go afloat. However, the never-ending machine also is quite exhausting in my eyes, people are used like machines, not like humans.
  • Free market: It’s the model that enables a ton of possibilities. I believe free market works and it’s deep rooted in any successful market. Heavy control over a market is not good.
  • Communism: In an ideal stage, communism is probably what all the working class want. A stateless state, resources are infinite and everyone takes what they need, everyone participates in the public matters, and workers own what they created. In practice it’s awful, all attempts have failed.
  • Healthcare: The backbone of a country, one of the crucial infrastructures a country needs to provide. Failing it can harm the economy, and lives of the citizens of a country severely.
  • Education: Necessary steps to undertake to obtain intelligence. And in the business of entrepreneurships, wisdoms and intelligence are all it takes to make big money. Stupidity is disgusting, but allowable.
  • University: Everyone should go to once you finished high school.
  • College: Lesser version of universities, if you can’t score high enough for a university, go to a college instead.
  • Self-education: Necessary life-long. Invest in yourself.
  • College is too expensive I don’t need to go to college in order to achieve success: You are deluded. Go back to school and re-educate yourself.
  • Society customized for the majority: It’s shit. Society services the majority, not the minorities. It feels quite shitty being a minority anywhere in the world. No matter where I am, I’m a minority. A special occurrence in the world.
  • Healthcare in Canada: It’s shit. Period.
  • Tourette’s Syndrome: I doubt it’s a fun thing to have or display in front of the public. It’s weird and unsociable. Albeit you can make it not weird, but still not very acceptable or that not very known to the majority of the society. It’s something usually masked by those who have it, instead of showing it publicly, in any light (positive/negative).
  • HSP: Highly sensitive person. OK…? Albeit highly sensitive, it’s still necessary to go out into the world and experience it. I don’t think it’s an availability to stay at home forever. For therapists, they still encourage you to interact, rather than avoidance and retreats.
  • Pressure: Can’t take pressure. Fuck!
  • American Propaganda: Americans have grown tired of their own country’s propaganda. And their propagandas are so obvious even an outsider like me can understand quickly.
  • Multiculturalism: It doesn’t work. Don’t try it.
  • Universal Healthcare: It should be done, but in manners that actually work. Models in Canada are broken and fake universal healthcare. Maybe UK, or other countries healthcare system can be better models. And frankly, China’s one is quite good, in terms of speed, efficiency and cost. It’s just ideologically, no one would accept it.
  • HK Protests: It should end now. It’s complete mob mentality taken control over the crowds. Hong Kongers right now only know how to blame their own government, instead of looking at the big picture. And they don’t dare to oppose the “red regime” directly, so they go against their own government. It’s a drama at this moment happening in Hong Kong, I fail to understand the motives behind the people “still fighting”.
  • HK Protests in May, 2019: A democratic protest by 1 million+, vowing for better options in politics. Peaceful and nonviolent. A good thing to have since Hong Kong’s democracy is usually ignored by its own people. Its democracy is small and underdeveloped.
  • Racism: Unpleasant modern day deformity. No one likes it and no one likes to talk about it. Better not to be a racist. And not one blatantly.
  • Micro-aggressions: Albeit they are real, but usually in reality people don’t notice it or complain about it. And it’s unlikely to escalate on racism level because of the micro-aggressions you experienced. It’s a daily nuisance if you notice it, but unable to do much about it. Only blatant racism would be condemned publicly.
  • I can be what I want to be in Canada:

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