The Toll of Modern Functionality

I’ve seen a minimalist talking about his lifestyle today.

He aims for three major elements in his minimalist life–efficiency, optimization and multi-functionality.

These three goals aren’t that uncommon in terms of a modern man’s daily life.

But in essence, his idea of saving money is that, in order to become rich, you have to sacrifice.

But for modern day life, every single thing has a price. ...READ MORE

Depressing Shit

So basically, I dropped out of high school to avoid a full-on “get fucked or get stuck” sort of situation that is going to happen to most people here in China.

Here, after 6 years, I met my high school dorm mate. What happened to him? Exactly what I pictured would happen to him.

Got a university degree, got a job, got a girlfriend. The type of existential crisis bullshit you usually get when you follow the “steps”. ...READ MORE

Formless Excellence

What’s formless excellency?

Conventionally, excellence comes with disciplines, edges and refined techniques. What I see as quite a traditional way of being excellent.

An excellent carpenter defines his excellence by years of training, precision on his crafts and a sense of craftsmanship. The refined techniques in carpentry require strong disciplines, and the edges of such skills only come after prolonged hours of repetitions. ...READ MORE