Formless Excellence

What’s formless excellency?

Conventionally, excellence comes with disciplines, edges and refined techniques. What I see as quite a traditional way of being excellent.

An excellent carpenter defines his excellence by years of training, precision on his crafts and a sense of craftsmanship. The refined techniques in carpentry require strong disciplines, and the edges of such skills only come after prolonged hours of repetitions.

The traditional definition of excellence always relates to some kind of stoicism. Only through hardships and self-disciplines there comes the excellence in the end.

But the end goal of such stoicism is always that you want to become something, or someone. You want to shape yourself up in becoming a certain ideal, a certain identity.

What if, excellence is not defined by such conventional wisdom?

What if, achieving excellence itself is a journey of excellence?

Do we have to define what excellence is?

Water is formless, shapeless. Water can flow, or it can crash.

And in terms of purity, I don’t think there is anything in the world that can beat water.

Isn’t water itself the definition of excellence?

A sword that is experienced and refined can be of great use. A sword that is pure in material, sharp at the edges and not confined by conventional shape can also be of great use.

Excellence shouldn’t be solely defined as hardships and confinements. Excellence can also be defined as freedom, spontaneity and wildness. Like water.

Manmade crafts are always confined within human’s own set of framework, we developed subjects such as maths, chemistry and physics to help us define excellence.

But have we ever looked at nature, and reconsider the definition of excellence?

Isn’t nature, by itself, the definition of excellence?

Nature isn’t anything, neither good nor bad, nature just is. Nature, as it is.

Nature is pure, and nature is wild. Nature is free and nature is spontaneous.

When we look at something as pure as nature, and as wild as nature, wouldn’t we spontaneously awe for the inconceivable scale and the untamable wildness from it?

Nature is excellent in her own way.

And thus what we perceive excellence has always been too narrow and limited. We just can’t look past ourselves. And beyond ourselves, greatness awaits. It’s a world mankind seldomly grasps about.

So what is formless excellence?

I think it doesn’t need to be defined. Try to feel it, experience it. Like water, formless and shapeless, but able to crash and flow.

Undefined by conventional rules, living to the fullest of one’s extents, embrace the wildness of your heart and your freedom. Be the fire that you seek, light up your surroundings as a candle if darkness is too much to breathe in. Be the water that just flows, stoke up tidal waves in storms, jog in spring time mountain creeks, flow in summer lakes and seas.

Be water my friend.

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