The Toll of Modern Functionality

I’ve seen a minimalist talking about his lifestyle today.

He aims for three major elements in his minimalist life–efficiency, optimization and multi-functionality.

These three goals aren’t that uncommon in terms of a modern man’s daily life.

But in essence, his idea of saving money is that, in order to become rich, you have to sacrifice.

But for modern day life, every single thing has a price.

And the functional modern day life has a specific price tag. And depending on where you live, this price tag can be very high, or very low. 

But below this line, it’s poverty and non-functionality–life that can’t possibly be described as efficient, optimized and multi-functional. People living in this kind of condition never ever reach a threshold of productivity.

Consider the functional modern day life a universal average, meaning if you are below that you are definitely going to suck.

This universal average can be translated into a shocking amount of money if you live in one of the many metropolises in the world.

LA’s basic necessities require at least $3500 a month, and if you run into any accident, that price is going to be higher.

It’s absolutely expensive. You need transportation, housing, food, medical expenses, data, groceries etc. to have a functional life in LA. Cutting any of the above, you are not going to get a functional life.

And for me, I aim for being a highly functional human being. 

That means it’s a bar higher than the average threshold. It requires more money, definitely, and more time, to reach that level of high functionality.

And I buy everything for a specific reason, for a specific function. If I don’t have it, I lose that function.

Some people are eager to increase their lifestyle. For me, it’s the necessity to actually make it work for myself. And I don’t think I am increasing my lifestyle, more like, I am buying the functionalities I need.

And functionality is always going to be, a bit higher than what you perceive as “standard”.

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