We had a glorious time for philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx‎,  Émile Durkheim‎,  Max Weber and others were all active in the legendary 19th century. ‎Ever since the last philosopher of the time’s departure, to the nowadays modern times, we have yet to receive any new groundbreaking philosophies.

The time requires thinkers, requires ideas to innovate, to inspire, to push civilizations forward.

My definition of this blog is an island on the Internet ocean, it spreads ideas, spreads observations to the world where everybody is so busy onto something, so that they forget what’s matter the most behind.

It’s going to be like a podcast, an idea podcast, to anyone that uses search to find the posts on this blog.

The blog mostly consist of two topics, philosophy and sociology, and these are directly derived from my life experience. Topics for China, for North America, and most importantly, topics for the present time.

And they are all my opinions, if you would like to differ, welcome to comment below.