Paint Me a Sky Full of Stars, Forrest – Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was born a statistically retarded person. The day when his mom took him to a local public school, the principle pointed out the IQ score Forrest got, that a public school does not take students under 80, and Forrest was 75.

Forrest’s mom didn’t think Forrest should just succumb to the system and enter a special school, she did her best to get Forrest into the public school by bribing the principle–giving him a special service. ...READ MORE

Wonder Woman Is a God?

Basically all DC heroes are more or less inhuman, most of them are completely other beings that humans can not relate to.

You got Superman, which is technically an alien, Kryptonian. You got Green Lantern, some galaxy guardian type of organization, yet again, aliens. You got Aquaman, which lives under water, hailed as the king of sea, again, not human. You finally got Wonder Woman, which is basically a god, again, not human. ...READ MORE

Not the Type of Detective Movie I Expect – Murder on the Orient Express Review

For a fair amount of times watching the advertisement of this movie, it got me really interested for a go.

After this bland 120 minutes, my instinct was proved wrong.

The directing really sucks. Basically, in the first half of the movie, many scenes looked so forced. How the victim died; how the detective entered the room full of suspects and announced the tragedy; and how the train manager (called Brook I suppose?) was so appalled there was a dead body in the cabin, etc. None of these sequences are natural, they all look like actors are trying their best to simulate a murder scene and react as “supposed to”. There didn’t seem like anything that is a genuine and normal reaction but all forced upon. ...READ MORE

We Were All Mad – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Review

This film is exceptionally great at all length for a Cold War satire film.

It tickles many nonsensical and ridiculous aspects of life during the Cold War time. The world was weird, and all crazy, at the time, but it was all true.

The humor and the satire of the film land on its aphorism, and what true cold to bone’s black humor is that you see it as ridiculous, but it ain’t no jokes/it is real. ...READ MORE

The New Return of the Old Cliche – Spider-man: Homecoming Review

It is completely fresh that this new Spider-man movie has brought new life to our typical Spider-man story.

As a reboot of the franchise, the film surprisingly didn’t follow the cliché of how Peter Parker becomes spider-man, but rather focusing on the aftermath of the Civil War and his life as a rookie Stark intern.

And this movie fits heavily into an American teenager’s life, which mainly includes school, love and family. And with the mercurial element of the vigilante Spider-man lifestyle, he loses his control over his life again and again. And Peter struggles to find a balance between his mundane life and the crime-fighter personality. ...READ MORE


Negan fo life.

He’s one of the most badass and charismatic villains I have ever seen in media. And boy do he swell.

Negan represents dictatorship and terrorism. While under extreme circumstances, for example, living dead apocalypse, his method is the most efficient and powerful to actually bring people together and head towards a common goal.

Just admit it, democracy sucks while it’s unusual times. ...READ MORE

Egos Infighting, Horrors Realizing – Perfect Blue Review

Phenomenal. A truly amazing experience. 

It’s a bit of strange yet repelling to look at a masterpiece from Satoshi Kon. His editing and the methods used in Perfect Blue reminds me all of the memories back in the days I was young watching all the Japanese animes. I worshiped the animes at the time, I love the styles they present, even though they’re unripe compared to the nowadays standards. But, it’s mesmerizing, to simply look at it. ...READ MORE