Why Mongols Made an Empire

There was this Quora question about why Genghis Khan was so successful. Here’s the answer:

The insane execution of meritocracy and discipline in his armies.

The “organization” he led was constructed so perfectly that no other military force at the time could go head to head. There were contenders though, they were defeated, harshly.

Let’s talk about meritocracy first, and this is the main reason why Mongol made an empire run across Eurasia. ...READ MORE

The Country You Need to Fear Meanwhile Salute to


A country that is known for its weirdness and hentainism. And a bunch of weeaboos’ pilgrimage destination. A glamorous sight of this country for the outsiders.

This country once led the global technology in the early 2000s and late 90s. A country that excels at many aspects and hard to fail at competing with other nations in the world.

The last century’s Walkman, cameras and electronics are best made by Japanese companies and corporations. The new installed government not only didn’t fail Japan, but push forwards it to a higher level that caught up with the US. ...READ MORE

Can You Deny Globalization?

Not on a verbal sense, but actually doing it.

Is it possible for a country to be completely self-sufficient to isolate itself from the international network these days?

As of the world has advanced into the Internet age, the effects of globalization are extremely mutual beneficial or even multiple beneficial. In an age like this, many poor countries are enjoying the benefits, mostly economic, globalization has brought upon them. The “economic miracle” of China is definitely contributed by the globalization, without globalization, it’s impossible to see what China is today. ...READ MORE

The History of Power Shifting/Equality in Between the West and the East

In running over the pages of our history, we shall scarcely find a single great event of the last seven hundred years that has not promoted equality of condition.

The Crusades and the English wars decimated the nobles and divided their possessions: the municipal corporations introduced democratic liberty into the bosom of feudal monarchy; the invention of firearms equalized the vassal and the noble on the field of battle; the art of printing opened the same resources to the minds of all classes; the post brought knowledge alike to the door of the cottage and to the gate of the palace; and Protestantism proclaimed that all men are equally able to find the road to heaven. . The discovery of America opened a thousand new paths to fortune and led obscure adventurers to wealth and power, ...READ MORE