Is China Really Meritocracy?

Meritocracy originates from China, and was regarded as the top standard of political system of Ancient China.

However, today’s West look at CCP China as a political meritocracy system, opposed to their democracy system.

But my question is, is China really a political meritocracy?

If we can not figure out the reality of our political system, how do we even confirm that we are actually a meritocracy? A system that values talents and abilities instead of wellborn backgrounds and connections? ...READ MORE

On Behalf of the Inevitable Proceeding of Lying Myself into a College, and I Didn’t

Guess it really leaves me no choice to do so.

I have been against doing this the whole time but the robotic and stupid system forced me to do so.

I have been contacting Langara College for weeks for my high school graduation and transcript, which I don’t really have, to spare me the process of these documents.

I presented them my work, my resume, called them several times, emailed all the contacts I have from that school, did all I can… ...READ MORE

The Chinese Dream

The notion of American Dream is that as long as you work hard, and work diligently, you will get something eventually. The typical American Dream rewards those people who are hardworking, and with integrity.

But what is Chinese Dream?

Chairman Xi proposed this idea in 2012 when he first came into power, but the idea of a Chinese Dream is vague and vastly representative of the communist values.

Whilst the economic status of Chinese is getting better and better every day, this brings outside influences penetrating the country. The new Chinese are experiencing many “new” ideas right now, however, the physical inadequacy of culture makes this country still very vulnerable like ever before.

Genji and Hanzo Shimada Origin Part 1

The Dragon brothers lived long together under the protection and concealment of the Shimada Clan in Japan.

Hanzo Shimada had been raised as a skillful bowman with modern martial art, and was expected to surpass his younger brother Genji Shimada, in order to lead the Shimada Clan in the far future.

Genji Shimada had been raised as an agile swordsman, with the traditional training of a shinobi.

The Shimada Clan cherished sheer strength and disciplines. The big brother Hanzo was very well mannered and struck hard to become the leader that the Clan expected him to be. However, the youthful younger brother, Genji, was playful and disobedient.

One day, Genji saved a girl on his way home, and the maiden asked to stay with him in the Shimada Clan, without knowing Genji’s secret identity. The girl was attacked by Yakuza for her shady past with them, Genji sympathized with her ,and proposed to the clan and asked for this girl to be with him for a while in order to go under water from the Yakuza. The clan regarded such proposal as weakness because the clan was no charity shelter for poor souls, even with bad blood. Later that night, Hanzo came to Genji and tried to convince him to drop the girl out of the clan, however, Genji refused. They got into a fight on the disciplines and values of the clan, but Genji was more of a sympathetic person in contrast to his stone-cold big brother.

After that night, Genji put the girl inside a far-flung cabin of the clan, and started to take care of her being from day to day.

A month later, just as Genji sneaked his meal back to the cabin in late night, he saw the door unlocked. With cautions, he slowly paved his way into the room and tried to sense any uncanny occurrence, but the only thing he saw, was an empty cabin with the wind blowing in.

“I knew it! Hanzo must have taken her somewhere else. The clan is definitely cooking up something with her and there is no time for me to hesitate.” Thought Genji.

Genji rushed into Hanzo’s room,

“Where is she?! I knew you took her away, but she is my responsibility, not yours!”

“Calm down, Genji, what are you talking about?”

“You know what I am talking about! The girl!”

“What girl?” Said Hanzo with contempt, “I’ve never laid my eyes on that girl you saved since the night we fought.”

“Genji, we’ve talked about this. Bringing that girl to the clan is a serious threat to our clan’s being as the Yakuza may target us as an enemy, and we don’t want anything to do with them. Plus, saving her was never on the book of our teaching by the elders. This clan values strength, and disciplines.”

“That’s none of your god damn business! I saved that woman, that poor woman. Whose parents were murdered and husband was enslaved by the Yakuza. I thought mother’s teaching was to be an honorable person and help others in need. Have you forgotten all that Hanzo?”

“No, Genji, mother’s words are like wind that still breezes by from time to time. I miss her, just as much as you do. However, the elders want us to be the leaders one day in this clan in order to lead everyone into the same direction. And for that, we need sharp skills and cold minds. Saving that woman, was a wrong decision, and taking that woman back to the clan was a stupid move, even you were already opposed by many elders!”

“Hanzo, we’ve had enough of this conversation. Just tell me, where is she?!”

“You think I don’t know you’ve been hiding her inside the clan ever since? But Genji, I am no monster, I am your brother. And unfortunately so, I don’t know where she is.”

Genji pulled out his knife towards his brother, Hanzo, with gazing eyes and angry stance, “Don’t play games with me Hanzo, I know you took her. Where, is she?”

“Genji, calm down. I do not have the knowledge of her whereabouts. The elders don’t know this, and I’ve never tried putting any strings over your operation here since the day. That woman was related to the Yakuza, maybe her disappearance has something to do with that.”

“Hanzo, you are always the cold-minded one aren’t you? That’s it, I’m leaving. Mother taught me to be standing up for others when it’s needed, I’m gonna find that girl, and I am coming for you for the seat of the clan!” Words dropped, Genji swooped by Hanzo and disappeared in the far sight.

“Genji, stop chasing her! She is not worth it! The clan will prohibit this!” Shouted Hanzo.

A week later, Hanzo was informed by his servant the shocking message from the Yakuza.

“If you want your brother, come to this location at 10 pm.”

“My stupid brother.” Said Hanzo. Thus, Hanzo picked up his bow and ventured forth towards that location alone without telling the elders.


10 PM, the skyscraper of Kyoto.

Hanzo looked up to a fortress heavily guarded by men in black and tattoos. All of the patrols are armed, as Hanzo is planning his way inside the building, he saw a woman sauntering out to a balcony smoking.

“That girl! She’s here. And she’s untouched, but where is Genji?” As Hanzo wondering this, a guard spotted this bowman outside the ring. However, they did not raise their guns, instead, all come align in parallel positions to welcome his appearance.

“Young Master of the Shimada Clan, we welcome you as a guest to the headquarter of Kyoto.”

“This, is, mostly unexpected.” Hanzo sheathed his bow, and followed the path the servants showed him.

Through elevator, Hanzo went into the 12th floor and braced with a shining palace-like hall.

A person with sunglasses stood right across him, and several heavily armed guards beside him.

“Welcome, Hanzo Shimada. We’ve been expecting you here.”

“I’ve received your message, Tenshi. What do you need for in order to exchange, Genji?”

“Wow, cut to chase huh? I like you, Hanzo. But, we don’t talk about business before we have some fun. That, is the rule.” The man in sunglasses presented Hanzo a way to his upper cabin.

It’s a cabin filled with cold air, everything looks like shadows under the full moon.

Tenshi sat down like a boss, and by then, a glamorous woman slowly paced her way to his embrace.

“You! You were the girl saved by Genji! How are you here!? And what is this!?”

“Chill out, Shimada. Let’s have some fun before we begin all of this.” Tenshi tilted his glasses a bit, raised a glass and pointing at Hanzo with contempt.

“What do you mean chill out?! My brother is in your hand and now this!? What is going on, why is Genji still not showing up?”

“Alright, alright, tough guy. You want Genji so bad. I’ll give him to you, but under one condition.”

“You step down as the leader of your clan.”

“And if I don’t do that?” Hanzo chewed out a few words as his veins popping out.

“Then you, shall kill Genji.”

“There is no way I am going to do either of that!”

“Shimada, we are strong. And we’ve seen you as a thorn for a long time in Kyoto area. You think I don’t know the inside out of your clan? We can wipe you out as many times as we want, if, I, want to.

But I don’t. Because I believe, an obedient clan is better than no clan.”

“Oh, Tenshi. So that’s why. This woman was the agent you installed inside our clan for this whole time! You used her to spy on us! Tenshi, this can mean war! Do you want war with the Shimada Clan!?”

“That’s why you are here. Hanzo Shimada. We got leverage on you. We have, Genji. If you don’t want to give it up on him, step down and let us take control of the clan.”

“And I was not used, I was appointed a mission, handsome.” That woman chimed in.

“Impossible. As the leader of the clan, I refuse your request. Genji is a spoiled child, but he does not deserve a death by his own kin. And I, would not do it!”

“Shimada, remember who you are talking to. We can force you in cutting your own kin loose if we want to.”

“You want our family to be split, and you, want to weaken my clan’s power. But this, will do nothing to the Shimada clan! Because we are a clan of strong and disciplined soldiers, we do not tolerate being ‘disobedient’!”

“Now, where, is Genji?!” Hanzo put his hands on his bow.

The man raised his right hand, signaling the guards, “Shimada, watch your move, right now! Step down, or get killed!”

Threatened by a dozen of armed guards, Hanzo felt immense pressure on his next move. He pretended to succumb to the idea of killing Genji so that he can meet him and steal him away.

“Very well Tenshi. You convinced me. Such spoiled child has no place in the Shimada clan, I’ll show no mercy by the teaching of the elders. Show me where Genji is, and I’ll take him out.”

The man frowned and was surprised, “Are you serious, Hanzo Shimada? You would rather kill your own brother than stepping down?”

“Yes.” Hanzo answered firmly.

“Then I shall show you where he is.”

Hanzo followed the crew to the rooftop of the building. It was full moon that night, not high noon, but high moon. The moonlight slowly teared the shadow apart, an image slowly displayed as Hanzo was appalled to see.

Hanzo rushed to Genji’s side. “Genji, are you alright? What did they do to you?”

“Hanzo… Don’t, listen to them… I… made a mistake. Forgive me…” There was obvious evidence of torture, Genji splurted the words one by one.

“Listen Genji, I need you to cooperate with me right now. Ima get you outta here as soon as possible, but you need to play with me.” Hanzo whispered into Genji’s ear.

“Shimada, start your execution right now, or, we shoot you to death.”

“Wait, I’ll do it. But you need to let me check on my brother first!”

“Shimada, NOW! If you don’t do it, we’ll do it for you! It’s either one of you dropped dead tonight, until we gain full control of your god damn clan!”

As the moment, a helicopter afar suddenly dropped in. A man with black kimono came out of the helicopter.

“To what do we owe the honor. Ryūichirō Shimada?”

“Tenshi, spare my foolish sons. What do you want?”

“Father! Just a second, Genji is now able to move, we can get out of here and burn this place down!” Hanzo shouted to his father.

“Ryuichiro, I want your clan. Tonight, either one of your sons is going down no matter what you do. Your clan, is mine!”

“Huhmmm” Ryuichiro chuckled, “How dare you threaten me to my face while both of my sons are pointed guns by yours!”

The man caved a little, then came back with “Shimada, do you know the difference between us and you? You don’t stand a chance in biting us, you will get obliterated the second you start a war.

Now, we are mercy enough to let you have your own clan. But either one of your sons must be removed. Either Hanzo steps down as the leader, or, make Genji disappeared…”

“How dare you to say that to me and my father’s face!” Hanzo was raging, lashed out his bow and prepared to strike a Dragonstrike towards Tenshi. Meanwhile, everybody raised their guns at Hanzo and almost pulled their triggers.

“Ryū ga waga…!”

“Don’t! Hanzo!” Ryuichiro raised his left hand to signal Hanzo to stand down.


“Well played Tenshi. I am old, and I want both of my sons’ companies in my final years to come. Take it as my personal bias towards my sons instead of the clan.

Now, Hanzo formally steps down as the leader of the Shimada clan. The elders have given me the authority.”


“And the Shimada Clan is now at the disposal of Yakuza Kyoto.”

“Well played Ryuichiro. Well played. Men! Stand down, the business is over.” Tenshi signaled all the guards to stand down and waved them dismissed.

Before leaving, Tenshi taunted the fact that now he owned Shimada Clan, “It’s happy doing business with you, Ryuichiro.” With one eyebrow up and a smug face, Tenshi left.

Hanzo picked up Genji and moved to his father’s side slowly.

“Are you ok Genji?” Said the loving father.

“Father I’m ok. But… I’m sorry father. Sorry, Hanzo.”

“You’re just like your mother, Genji. Now let’s go, there shall be not a second for us to stand on this stinky place.”

The family stepped into the helicopter and the helicopter took off and disappeared in the far sight.

College and Ben Shapiro

The Ben Shapiro Show talked about a topic only until recently, March 13, 2019, The College Scam.

I’ve been tinkering about the idea of going into a college.

Frankly, I hate schools generally. Every since the excruciating experience (high pressure, long hours) of Chinese public school system, I am completely paralyzed by the idea that I need to go back to school again to receive my degree.

Ben talked about two simple things in this episode. And two essential parts of the existence of college, especially prestigious universities. And that can’t be truer in China as well.

You go into a college for two things: credentialism and social connections. 

In China, if you score well, you go into famous universities like Peking and Tsinghua Universities to make friends with other students whose father might be a highly ranked official, some military general, some very rich businessman. As ugly as it looks like, this is actually what universities are for in China.

Credentialism is yet another thing for these colleges. The minute you go into a college, you have received your “credentials”, i.e. a degree.

Ben taunted the fact that social connections are gained through the presence of you being inside a college. You could literally do nothing really related to your major of studies and just make connections with other people inside the same college and you’re just set for your future.

“College, is not for earning skill sets.”

And quite frankly I agree.

Earlier, Jordan Peterson once argued the idea of colleges being this wonderland, this bubble of dreams–students go inside a college not really to study, but to have fun. They should be studying hard and earn new skills, but they are not. You are inside a college because you are there for the fancy name, for the credentialism.

Another thing I want to talk about, is knowledge basis. 

It might sound a bit contradictory to previous ideas, but colleges do teach you knowledge basis of certain fields.

And quite frankly, STEM students are better off inside colleges since STEM related subjects require labs and hard work to actually produce something. And usually these knowledge can not be easily obtained through your work experience as an intern or a long standing worker.

These fields require a large amount of previous knowledge basis in order for you to get started. And such knowledge basis contain very complex theories and experiment models for you to grasp in order to apply them on the field.

However, there are also subjects that don’t necessarily require a college experience.

For example, business.

Everyone who go into a renowned business school is for the connections they are going to obtained while they are there. The knowledge basis of how a business runs can be obtained much from reading business books and actually get yourself inside a business. And quite frankly, there are many other ways to learn and you don’t really have to go into a college for a long time of waste just for obtaining a piece of paper.

I think my whole life has been an experience, or even a pilgrimage, to seek out truths of all lives, all fields, everything. Without shackles, without any constraints, it’s a life dedicated specifically on finding the truth behind many things.

Wage Gap

“What do you think is the concern of Feminism right now?”

“Equal pay.”

I had this conversation with a girl from London when I was in Vancouver. She self-proclaimed that she was a feminist, and the pressing issue of feminism, is the gender wage gap.

The wage gap is around 4-8%. From a sociological and economic standpoint, the wage gap exists because people tend to take on different jobs.

Women tend to occupy positions that are historically and economically low-paid. And men tend to occupy positions that are high-paid.

Feminists seem like to argue that women don’t have choices when it comes to career. These women who are paid less were forced into the careers in the beginning due to gender biases, or gender discrimination.

I find that horrifying and absurd.

People are where they are because they are where they are.

There are far too many reasons contributed to why a person is at this position right now.

The problem is that the majority of women, those women who do not graduate from universities and colleges, or those tend to go into the labor force, are doing what they are good at. Like nursery, childcare, teachers etc. These are the jobs that women can excel better than men at, as women tend to be biologically more caring and charismatic than men.

There are women in top executive level, it’s just they are few. Why?

Can you work as hard as a man does? 80 hour workweeks.

Consider that women are also less aggressive than men, and less ambitious. It’s impossible to think about the fierce competition that embark millions of men killing each other and add women into it to slow it down.

There are few women in the top positions because it takes serious grit and wit to win on the battlefield.

Also, women would have babies in their late 20s and early 30s. The biological maternal leave is necessary in order for a family to function. If you cross woman out of that triangle structure, it’s not going to work.

Sure, a man can take on a woman’s traditional position as a mother and become a full-time househusband. However, generally, and from a biological and parental standpoint, it’s better to leave the baby for the mother to take care of. Especially when your child is still too young.

Taking a maternal leave sets you back a little on corporate ladder and this is inevitable.

If we switch the role between men and women, men could also suffer from this “statistical wage gap”. Albeit superficial.

If you ask to have equal pay simply because you believe having this absurd outcome is due to long rooted gender discrimination, then you are removing the true equality where your reward should be based on your work.

If you ask to have higher pay because you are a woman, it’s like asking to be paid out of zero work done. This is extremely unfair to the men who do their work and receive corresponding rewards. You can’t ask for something you never did. Being a woman is like a silly excuse to obtain reward with nothing.

I think that why today media are bombarding the issue is due to they can not see what’s actually underneath the obvious statistics.

The wage gap being 4-8% is because of various factors. And gender bias is probably the bottom of them.

Chinese Education and Learning as a Process

Learning is the process of generalizing.

I can’t think of how much damage the Chinese education has dealt to me over the years as how I treat and view knowledge overall.

I was constantly tormented by the reality of tests and getting higher scores.

The reality of the academia in China is that they have formed an approach specifically towards academic excellency, a certain way of getting high scores without the applying of knowledge. Well, I’d coin this academic excellency in China as, communist academic excellency, it’s an abomination.

Now since I am heading towards a school whatsoever, let me carefully examine this peculiar fear of mine.

Our school system has produced a certain way of dealing with tests.

The questions shall be answered “in this specific way”, and the answer should be written “in this specific manner”.

And we were programmed to do things in those ways because we were TOLD that those were the solely proper way of doing things.

Like for example, when you need to take a reading test. Go look at the questions first instead of the article. Because… in that case you will know what needs to be answered. Instead of understanding the whole article comprehensively, you start to select specific paragraphs to quickly answer those questions. This way in reality doesn’t exactly make you know, it makes you know nothing. And techniques like this were revered by teachers and students as they made them better at scoring.

Sometimes, we were asked to simply just memorized the content on textbook so that we can rewrite them down on test papers. The brain does not take a single part in this process. It’s quite mindless to be frank.

We underlined important passages on textbooks, however, to a point where we completely ignored what those words meant actually, and to the fact that we were underlining for the sake of just memorizing them.

I found that, on countless occasions, the essence of learning was completely skewed and distorted.

It was and solely was for getting good grades in China.

And most of the times I knew I could not generalize when I was in school back in the days.

What does it mean when you can not generalize?

Learning is as much as the process of generalizing. When data scientists are trying their best to teach machines to learn, they start to ask how a human learns?

We learn by selecting the essential part of some information, and discarding the rest. It’s like when you try to remember the paint of Mona Lisa, your brain only catches the glimpses of her smile and the structure of her overall figure. You don’t remember anything else on that paint, like the river background, like the depth of shadow etc. But when you look at the picture of that paint again, you’ll be like “Aha!”. That’s the power of generalizing, and that’s exactly how you learn.

And the problem of learning mostly lies in the fact that a person can not generalize. And that’s extremely detrimental to his learning development.

There is a saying in Physics by some physicist in early 20th century–if you can’t tell your theory in a simple understandable manner, or that you can not resolve it into a few sentences, then you don’t know your theory very well.

And I’ve seen countless examples of students taught by the Chinese school system who can not generalize at all. From the past, and at the present.

I couldn’t, in the past, sometimes.

But ever since I regained my freedom four years ago, I seemed to be able to study properly again.

The concern that I need to take a test in order to justify my learning had completely gone, and my learning status started to skyrocket as I learned through doing whatever.

Exactly, I learn by doing whatever.

If something interests me, I dig into it and do extensive research onto it. There is never a limit onto how much I need to learn, but to the end that I KNOW. And this is a philosophical denotation.

Specifically, teachers in high school would refuse to answer your questions because those knowledge were “in university”. And how strange was that!

And the shittiest part of their teaching was that they taught you “by the book”.

However, to learn from the book is never practical in many ways.

For me, the process of truly “knowing”, or learning, is a process of 5 phases.

Debunk the process, it’s like this:

  1. Observe
  2. Analyze
  3. Deconstruct
  4. Understand
  5. Apply

And typically the last phase is extremely crucial in actually understanding something. You won’t fully understand until you apply. You understand in phase 4 on a completely theoretical level, you don’t know how that is actually applied in reality. Thus knowledge gained in this level needs to be testified by reality in order for it to be “true”.

To me, much of the Chinese school system was just a bunch of useless craps that hinder a student’s true potentials of knowing.

And the fact that students under this system seems to be lifeless is exactly due to the physical constraints they live upon every single day.

The test papers they need to answer, the “efficiency” asked by the teachers, the good scores they need to have in order to be “excellent”. And boil it down to a miniscule level: the underlines you draw on a textbook; the questions you need to answer not matter how skewed they are; the strange imagination you need to do when teachers are basically pointing blank……..

There were so many, so many, little things that summed up to become the “status” of knowing nothing as a student in a Chinese high school. And such status was actually applauded at the time.

I still remember when I asked my politics (propaganda) teacher for why students did not know anything in the school. And he replied to me as, “The status of knowing nothing is definitely a good thing when it comes down to study.” So that more garbage and bullshit can be injected into students’ brains without much resistance. There wasn’t a single chance of letting the kids become “woke”, become awakened, open their eyes.

As if, everybody was sleeping underneath. And at day, they work like lifeless robots, programmed specifically for the tasks given to them without questions asked. I am appalled to write down the horrendous fact we were enduring at the time of schooling, it’s like an emotional scar that I can not tear off easily.

Sometimes I do feel like a robot as well. When I am not free.