The Value of Life, the Meaning of Death

Have you ever wonder why we live? What’s the purpose of our existence?

Most people wouldn’t even bother to understand their existence, since they know their limits or they give up understanding it, or they are just too dumb to fathom complex concepts.

We in the society have always countered suicidal events, why the kids or the persons want to die so badly to end their lives?

We know our limits but we couldn’t do anything to stop it, the sense of powerless is felt by many men. ...READ MORE

Gets Cheap

So one of the reason I started this blog is trying to sell my products. For instance, this is my product.

A product is a commerce, so despite the advertising campaign, product is the thing that everyone can reach.

So the entrance level would be indefinitely low for everyone could enter, so that a commercial product would sell good.

But when it comes to something that is more abstract and personal than a commercial product, for example, a blog, a YouTube channel, a Vine account… things started to have more direct and personal connections to it. ...READ MORE

Are Successful People Really Going to Tell the Real Stories?

Fulfillment is my personal creed and all this blog is about.

In this world, not much people are telling the success stories, real success stories, to “zeros”. 

We all want success aren’t we? We want all sorts of things to fill up our partially filled desires. 

From preachers, to successful people, everyone seems telling the exact same moral. Be it hard working, be it self learning, be it have wits, be it have perseverance… ...READ MORE

Your LIfe Ends at 30

The best period of a human’s life is his youth.

Youth is everything you can dream of, so precious that you need to carefully preserve and appreciate it.

After youth, your life is dead gone.

Isn’t it? 30 is the turning point of the body mechanism, everything starts to wear down, your body is slowly becoming not your body.

Nietzsche once said your body makes up your mind, your brain is the work of your physical body, it’s your body that is telling you what to do. So a strong body means a strong spirit, hence a strong soul. ...READ MORE

Powerful Words

Words that have power:

Nigger as a racial discrimination slur, chink, tojo, gook so on.

And as far as focusing on the n-word, it depends on how the tone was when you saying it. The slur, could be friendly. 

But anyway, it has been to the nowadays state where you can’t say it anyway unless you are a black.

In China, there are also slurs like this to discriminate different kinds. 

In Guangdong, there’s an amount of locals despise those come from outside of the province. Lānlóu, lan佬, is the racial slur for the working force people coming from outside and seeking a better life here. ...READ MORE

The Congenital and the Acquired

As human we live in a society where restrain to inheritance system.

We can’t deconstruct the system per se, inheritance has been in human life probably since civilization. Hence the congenitals.

We have to admit, among most of us, are just ordinary human beings who grow up in a normal environment and fed up with normal juice and corns. But somebodies are born with high standards of living, they are fed up with milk and turkeys, metaphorically. ...READ MORE

The Feud Between China and Japan

Not many people in the west know of the long feud between China and Japan.

Even some of them know the Nanjing/Nanking massacre, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But they know Hitler pretty well.

Far flung territory can’t really relate to the homeland men. Guess this is what all about. 

You have your own things to deal with, we have Hitler, and yet, you have your japs.