A sense of entitlement clouds your judgement.

What’s more toxic than arrogance?

China has some serious moral problems that no one talks about.

I find that being with friends is the point of having fun, not competing. Competing with your friends when you are together takes out the fun of the natural activity and adds disgruntlement to yourself.

My parents are in no way good people.

My father is a selfish arrogant prick plus a bully to his family. My mother is timid. ...READ MORE

Frame of Reference

Eistein’s general relativity theory is indeed a groundbreaking theory in physics and astronomy.

Considering, a planet is orbiting a star.

Generally, we look at them like this, from top down.

As you can see, the small planet orbits around the star clockwise. But that is set the frame of reference at the center of the star. Or the center of mass of the star.

If you set the frame of reference at the planet: ...READ MORE

On Time Management

If you cherish time, time cherish you.

I find that, no matter what we do, there is a universal problem that pertains to us all–time.

And when we look at the practicality side of human problems, it’s always about time.

How to utilize time effectively, or how to manage time, has been a historical set of knowledge for all high-end workers, or managers, or rulers.

No matter the scale, the range or the complexity of a project, in the end, we are dealing with time. We are looking at those seconds and how we can spend them. You can make a big plan with something, but when you actually look at the time, you’ll see your capabilities and limitations. ...READ MORE

What Alex Told Me

“It’s a real pain that there are so many obstacles to progress and opportunities. I’ve felt this pain acutely many times myself. It is not enough to crave success; success must be negotiated with others who will want some part of it. ”

I looked through the window into the streets, sitting inside a cubicle of a high-rise, I felt this far distance between me and success.

I know doing so is far from enough, my journey has just started, however it already feels extremely hard to comb through such a process. ...READ MORE

The Paradox About Women

One thing I think weird about, is that why universities don’t have a major dedicated for studying women? Women are such a complex subject there should’ve been some documentary and scientific approaches, curated by a single subject to be studied. And I am not talking about feminism, but female psychology, female biology and female capabilities.

Most women lack security.

From my personal experiences, most women seem to have security problems. And I would term this as more of a biological tendency than a mental one. ...READ MORE

A New World That Functions on an Old World Basis

We usually can reckon government policies being lagging behind the constantly updating world order.

As of today, the world has already entered a stage of Big Data and personalized commercial products era.

Before time, things were more general and facilitate the mass in the same manner. As the market evolves over time, individualism prevails and generalization succumbs.

But, the general preconceptions of the mass haven’t changed much. There are this small percentage of the population who are extremely adaptable and fast-responding. They excel at this new world that constantly updates itself. And people find gold/values out of the dynamic, or chaotic, way of how our world functions. ...READ MORE

What Ever Happened to Basic Human Decency?

Society is deciding that integrity is a losing proposition.

By Grant Hilary Brenner on Feb 28, 2017, Psychology Today

When I was a child growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 1970s, I was taught by my father to treat others with respect and consideration. I didn’t always do a great job, but the lessons he taught be about being a decent human being have stayed with me. The wisdom of his advice becomes clearer and clearer to me the older I get, and the meaning and importance of treating others with dignity is highlighted in my own efforts to raise my children to be good people, in my personal relationships, and in my professional life. It’s about mutual respect, it often involves making hard choices, and it isn’t always successful. ...READ MORE