Genji and Hanzo Shimada Origin Part 1

The Dragon brothers lived long together under the protection and concealment of the Shimada Clan in Japan.

Hanzo Shimada had been raised as a skillful bowman with modern martial art, and was expected to surpass his younger brother Genji Shimada, in order to lead the Shimada Clan in the far future.

Genji Shimada had been raised as an agile swordsman, with the traditional training of a shinobi.

The Shimada Clan cherished sheer strength and disciplines. The big brother Hanzo was very well mannered and struck hard to become the leader that the Clan expected him to be. However, the youthful younger brother, Genji, was playful and disobedient. ...READ MORE

Save and Load

-Johnny, are you sure you want to do this?

-Yeah, honey. I regretted. For the 65 years of my life, this is my first and last regret. See you back in time.

I felt extremely dizzy this morning, it seemed to me I was having a bad dream. A weird dream.

In that dream, I was talking to someone, whose face I could not recognize. But… the voice. The voice of the person was so gentle and endearing, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Who was that? ...READ MORE