The Early Articles

The early articles on this site are somewhat, hard to read. The grammar, the tense, how the sentence structured, they were all in a transitioning process.

Earlier when I wrote articles, I was based completely on my Chinese language system, thus words and phrases didn’t collide pretty well. In general, they were more like translations from Chinese rather than from an original English article.

Your head functions like this, usually, the other language takes some time to convert in your mind. Once the conversion is complete, you’ll have the second language system in your head. ...READ MORE

Lingua Franca, the Common Language

For most people, language is a basic skill in their lives. The idea of lingua franca was invented long ago, there was that Dutchman who excitedly invented his common language for the world free to use in 18th century. But his language failed, and failed really hard. At the time, the so called lingua francas were actually French and German.

To this day, just 70 years after WW2, English has become the modern time’s lingua franca. And due to the booming of international trade, Internet and all sorts of telecommunication techs that bind the Earth together, a common language is needed necessarily. ...READ MORE

Free Language

Languages in the world are the most fabulous thing ever exists.

The most freely man-made thing is language.

For thousands years, language evolves and emerges, from the old ashes of departed languages come the newborn, from the graves of precedent civilizations we discover the longlost.

Language thrives in and out of human’s life, become more and more diverse, and bonding and breaking.

As I have learned from languages, I can’t see any shackle on language. A country that imposes heavy regulations on its population, language is still free wafting through crowds’ mouths. ...READ MORE

Words that sound better however are not that good

A lot of words, they’re very sound, they’re good, once you hear it.

It would enable your associations with lots of good images, given you good old things, by which I mean fantasies.

This is the problem, things that look better, they’re actually not that better. Things that sound better, they’re actually not that good.

Bilingual. Such a fascinating name eh? If someone says you’re a bilingual, should you be pleased and proud at the second they say it? ...READ MORE

Language Intrigued

Language would evolve from time to time, that’s why it’s a living thing has its own life.

Language always carries the deep and profound culture basis of a nation, the people live and die with the language, and the language thus inherits from generations to generations.

The problem is, are we truly understand the language we are using? Are we qualified enough to use it creatively and constructively? ...READ MORE

About Chinese

Chinese is a very powerful and simply to use language compared to English and european languages system. Every new word doesn’t require the full understanding of each character and you can guess the meaning of the word even without context, it’s what English can’t do.

Recently I’ve read a post about the effort rules that apply in English language.

How many words do I need to know? The 95/5 rule in language learning ...READ MORE