Multilanguage Site

If you are considering to start a multilanguage site, the advice I can give is that don’t bother with it.

The best way, to have a multilanguage site, is to have two sites. Two different domains with the same content so long the language is different.


As long as you are not providing a displaying site, a site usually for display purpose not for content creating purpose, you can have a multilanguage site which includes other languages in one single domain. ...READ MORE

How to Write a Popular Post

On Quora, there are always those few people whose answers are presumably going to get 1k upvotes above.

These answers, are quite reoccurring in past few years, as Quora tended to have much more detailed and thought-provoking answers.

The popular answers consist of several fundamental elements to make them popular–relevance, wittiness, storytelling and plot twists.

All of these things just resonate the principles written in Talk Like TED, a book I just finished recently. ...READ MORE

Some Thoughts for a Startup

Yesterday I have talked with a business owner who has run his business for 15 years.

The business is of medium size, not a corporation but a manufacture company with its production chains and a warehouse.

I asked the owner about the ideas of startups, how recent young entrepreneurs should do and know before they start a business. And combining with my own mere knowledge and experience, I have concluded the foundation of a startup. ...READ MORE

The Methods to Balance/Control High Fe for ENFJs or How to Push Away Anxieties and Stay Calm Being a Sensitive One


Whether you are or not sometimes you will always be accused of or feel it yourself.

Due to the high Fe of this personality trait, ENFJs always suffer from their sensitivity. Also a benefit for ENFJs, it’s a double-edge sword. Highly sensitive makes ENFJs more sophisticated and easily drained from emotional affairs.

You definitely have these experiences when you’re simply exhausted from social interactions, whether it’s a breakup, the loss of a good friend or other tiresome social activities. These activities are emotional burdens as to everyone, but due to high Fe, ENFJs would always invest much more than others into the activities they love. ...READ MORE

The “Niche Picking” on Blogging Setup

Basically, on Internet, if you search any of the webpages of how to build a blog and how does it monetize and attract traffic… They are all spinal around either SEO, monetizations, marketing and other stuff. The Niche Picking is one of the preach content, but not being very focused on it.

Here, from a new blogger’s perspective, I do think what your content’s fields matter.

What they say do somehow weigh, “A beaten track niche has fewer competition and more demands.” This can also apply to many other business areas. ...READ MORE

How to Find Same/Similar Values People to Befriend with

This is actually a tangible problem needs tangible answers.

I have come across the problem too, so my search provides these options.


This is a site that would gather similar interest/hobby people together, so that they can form a circle or become friends.

2. Invest into your zones/fields/areas

This one looks kind of OK? But I am not sure the tangibility of it, meaning, whether it’s going to work. You do can invest yourself into your own fields, but the possibility of getting similar persons come close? Hard chance I’d say. ...READ MORE

How to Make Google Search Results Accurate

From recent years, ever since Google made that big changed, Panda Update, in 2011, Google search has started to become vague and inaccurate.

In the search bar, you need to type in several key words to get the exact result you want. And sometimes, even so you can’t get the right result on your mind. This sucks.

Google has started to lean more and more on simple and easy, simply dumb, inquiries for the vast majority people who have constantly entered dumb and vague key words for their questions. ...READ MORE