WordPress Permalinks Changed 404 Page Not Found Solution

So a lot of people would encounter this problem when they try to change the permalink option to look more like this

  • http://yourwebsite.com/month/day/postname
  • http://yourwebsite.com/month/postname
  • http://yourwebsite.com/postname

But once changed the settings it suddenly turns out to be Page Not Found.

I have encountered this problem lately either, and this is the ultimate solution for it: ...READ MORE

How to Set up Google Adsense on WordPress

This month earlier, Google has announced they are deprecating the Google Adsense official plugin from WordPress.

That’s a bad news for everyone using it, since it’s really handy for people who don’t know codes and it’s easy with its visualized interface.

I have searched pretty much any alternatives that can compare with it – WP QUADSGoogle AdSense by BestWebSoftEasy Plugin for AdSenseAd Inserter, Advanced Ads etc. But none of these has the visualized interface as Google and they will charge you if you want fancy features, such as, adding an ad at the header. ...READ MORE

An Easy WordPress Setup/Install Guide for Newbies 1

So here I am going to demonstrate/illustrate the full process of creating a WordPress website. Since I am also pretty new to WordPress, but here are what I have concluded, it is going to be simple and easy to understand, a complete layman guide. And it is going to set you up well, just like this site. 

This is the first part Concepts Part of the guide, if you want to skip it right to the procedure, please click here. ...READ MORE