Personality and Values

Recently I took a personality test that has been popular for a while—16 Personalities Test. It is based on the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) 16 Personalities.

I’m initially tested out as ENFJ personality—Extroversion iNtuition Feeling Judgment. But hold the result for a minute, as I was kind of intrigued to learn the personality types.

The MBTI system uses 4 sectors to test out one’s personality: First, it’s either you have more extroversion or introversion; second, it’s either intuition or sensing; third, whether rely more on feeling or thinking; fourth, either using judgment or perception. So four sectors each two standards, naturally come out with 16 outcomes. However, the percentage of each personality is not equal, some are rare and some are common. For example ENFJ is a rare personality type, consists of around 2% in population. ...READ MORE